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[OPEN LOG] Welcome to Cape Beryl!

Who: Everyone!
When: Spring 2nd - all day.
Where: All across Cape Beryl.
What: You've splashed down into the Harvest Goddess's sacred pond, pulled yourself out - or perhaps been pulled out by an out-of-breath and soaking stranger, shaken off the worst of the shock of the cold and the unexpected trip underwater, and likely by now noticed that the little silver piece of jewelry that put you through this seems to have found its way around your neck.

Now you ought to get your bearings. Leave Goddess Grotto whenever you're ready, take the path out along a beach and up the cliffs to a village - see where you are, maybe if you can get directions. No matter what, you're going to realize that you're somewhere new - but maybe some of the Bower Village townspeople will be willing to help you get sorted out. If nothing else, maybe you'll be drawn into talking to anyone else you might catch sight of wandering the village, disoriented, soaked to the skin, and with a silver heart-shaped pendant around their neck. Depending on how you see it, you're not all alone - not any more than everyone else, anyway.

Headers for open interactions in example locations will be posted - but by all means, start threads wherever and with whoever you like!

Rating: Expected K-PG - subject to change as appropriate.

It's a cool, early spring day - the air and the breeze may not agree with anyone with wet clothes. But apart from that, the atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful; distant chirps of birds can be heard from the mouth of Goddess Grotto to Mt. Throne. The trees and grasses are pale green and flowers are budding in the meadows - not to mention the garden at Florist Lilia and de Sainte-Coquille Park.

And the town at the top of the cliffs is somewhat drowsily at peace. It's far from deserted - stabled behind a house on the town's east side is a healthy-looking mule, and a pair of chickens and a goat hang around in a pen behind an inn, the town's brightly-dressed mailwoman is out and about, as is the town watchman, who will likely be ready to approach anyone with an unfamiliar face before they can approach him, if he happens to catch them on his rounds. However, although anyone may freely knock on any of the doors in Bower Village and expect a polite "come in", no one is prepared for company, and whoever is inside might jump at finding themselves talking to a clearly displaced stranger!
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Ace ♤ Open

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To say that Ace is not taken aback by the situation was the wrongest statement to make over here. Screw that, he was actually pretty shocked. He had waken up for a bit, and after that, he already tried what would usually be his main asset to survive.

And sadly, nothing worked much for him. He tried throwing his cards against the wall, but they didn't even stab the rocky surface, let alone destroying them like how it should be. He tried using his formation of cards for Giga Burst and healing both, and nothing came out. Furthermore, he tried casting healing magics on himself, yet everything was still fruitless.

The only thing he could do over here was to step out of the grotto, though Ace did notice that he was wearing some sort of necklace. Was this something that his savior, or kidnapper, gave to him to shove Ace the weirdness of the situation he was in? If it was the former, he would thank whoever did so. If it was the latter? He would give him/her the ultimate payment later on, for real.

Letting out a small groan that screamed his frustration, the young blond calmly stepped out of the place, letting the most peaceful of the atmosphere surrounded him. It was definitely the nicest change of pace to his almost-in-war-everyday one, indeed. But that didn't mean he would stop here for his personal preference.

After all, he got his duty to fulfill. He got his responsibility.
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As soon as the boy stepped out of the grotto there was a flash of pink light from the water behind him. Unseen deep below the surface a certain magical thief had just transformed back into her normal self. The magic of her world apparently was not as compatible here so when she crossed from one plain to the next the magic faded in dramatic fashion.

Barely a heartbeat later the surface of the water exploded as a brown haired girl surged out of the spring and grabbed at the rocks surrounding it. Her sudden gasp of air was easily loud enough to be heard. She choked and spluttered as she held on to the edge of the pool just trying to collect her breath and figure out what had just happened.

She had just been in an amusement park, what was this place?
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This was too good to be a coincidence, definitely. After all, what could shine so much for such a dark place, and went unnoticed? Not Maron, definitely.

That goes without saying that Ace's attention was piqued, if not for him raising his guard up. Old habit really hard to die, eh? His experience as soldier always served him, for the better or worse. In fact, Ace had quickly grabbed his card, despite he already knew that they didn't work, and directed it at the direction of the girl. Lucky that his response was to her favor, since he actually stopped just right before he launched his card.

Her reaction was... unique. Just as unique as him. It was as if she had no idea about what just happened. Exactly just like him just now.

Which prompted him to approach her slowly. Ace tried to walk to her without any form of enigmatic atmosphere around him, but he promised nothing, though. After all, she still could be someone that posed a threat to him. That unknown light just now just made it more obvious.

"Are you alright?"

His question was plain genuine. There was the slightest of worry under that tone, although his face clearly stayed rather inexpressive.
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At first she really didn't notice Ace. It was dark in the cave and pulling herself up and out of the pool of water took more of her attention. Oh, and just being able to breath again! It was wonderful!

But when he spoke she jumped and looked quickly in the direction of the sound.

"Who's there?"

That came out harsher than she intended. Maron's voice softened as she really thought about what had been said,

"Yes, I'm fine."

She checked herself just to make sure that was true before she stood. There had been no lasting damaged though. She was just wet and feeling lost.

"What is this place? Why am I here?"

Ace was being mistaken for a native. He must know what this place was and why she had been brought here?
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Luckily for Maron, Ace had always used to be addressed as much harsher. So, his face stayed unresponsive all that much. Instead of letting out snarky comments over here, Ace decided to play it polite, for he had little to none idea about this place himself.

"I regret to inform that you're asking the wrong person," as always, his response was rather formal. Putting a hand over his hip, he simply continued. "I am seeking the answer to that myself."

There goes one person. That means Ace needed to find another person, as well another place to get more information.
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[personal profile] kamikaze_kaito 2013-03-27 10:38 pm (UTC)(link)
His response had been very polite, but he was the only one here and something had pulled her here. But if he wasn't the one behind this who or what was? It did occur to her that this might be the work of a demon but it didn't feel like a demon was nearby and the magical object she carried with her was not signaling the presence of a demon. Oh... just what was going on here?

"I'm not sure how I got here. I was in an amusement park when I saw something at the bottom of the fountain."

That something that she just noticed was around her neck!? Maron picked up the necklace and gave it a very curious look.

"This... thing..."

She looked back up to notice he had the identical necklace.

"You have one too?"
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Ace did stop a moment to reconsider all his action. Not this girl as well, eh? If he was to put two and two together, the only one who was capable of playing crazy things for him was... Mother, except she definitely wouldn't do such a thing to him.

No, he should save the hard thinking for later. For now, it was the time to consider his next movement, which presumably involved a change from this wet clothes. Not that he actually had one right here, though.

At first, Ace ignored to respond Maron's statement about how she got here. If he was to respond with his own, the talk would be rather depressing, and he preferred not to, definitely.And then... when she pointed the obvious, it was when Ace took a sight of his own necklace, before he darted his attention to hers.

"I believe... so," he responded, surprise was clearly audible from his tone. "Where did you get it?"

Just in case, because he could vaguely remember how he got his.
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[personal profile] kamikaze_kaito 2013-03-28 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
That was an interesting question. She thought back over the events but really couldn't recall ever having touched the object at the bottom of the fountain.

"I don't remember. It must have been the thing at the bottom of the fountain. I did reach for it but I can't remember ever being able to touch it and I definitely didn't put it on."

She had been too busy trying not to drown to try on jewelry. That she remembered too well. It had been a frightening experience.

"What about you? You don't seem like the kind to wear cute jewelry like that? Did you also find it some where?"
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Her statement just made his mind clear, or at the very least, clearer. Yeah, now that he reminisced back a bit, he grabbed this thing when he almost drowned his life out. And after that, the thing was as good as becoming one with him. He still didn't really pay attention to it, however.

"The same as you, I assume."

'I assume' would not do him any harm, right? The short talk about the jewelry sure intrigued him a bit, but for now...

"We should get out of this place," a small pause as Ace rotated his heels to keep on walking out of the place. "Who knows what kind of monster would appear if we're staying too long here."
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[personal profile] kamikaze_kaito 2013-03-29 04:23 am (UTC)(link)

"There wouldn't really be monsters here."

Maron pouted. As if she would be fooled into thinking something like that could be in this cave! But, when he left and she found herself alone... and in the dark...

She hated that feeling.

Without thinking of anything else Maron ran after and nearly bumped into Ace as she hurried to catch up with him. He might be a stranger but at least she wasn't alone when he was around.
That was when she noticed the pathway that led down the mountain. She couldn't really tell where it was going but it was better than standing at the mouth of the cave.

"I guess, we should see where this leads? Maybe we caan find some one who can tell us where we are."

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"As I've said, who knows."

Instead of putting up long reasoning to his own statement, Ace leashed out very little of his emotion. He still thought that this world was somewhat related to his, where monsters roamed around freely. That, and he was always the most cautious man.

He didn't really expect Maron to follow him all that much, but if she did, he had nothing against him. He was relieved, even. You could never have enough of someone who would protect your back, after all. And Maron did so, cue the small sigh of relief from Ace, even though it was rather hard to notice.

Still, Ace didn't stop his steps. He hated this cold feeling that drenched his figure. If this place pose any harmful threat, the least he wanted to be was getting a cold from his current dire situation.


Another short and simple answer as his azure eyes trailed over to the same path that Maron had noticed. Slowly but steady, the young male started his beeline down the pathway, silently hoping that the faintest of hope was going to be there. At the end of this path.
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Again, Maron decided to stay with him, but this time taking up a position so that they could walk side-by-side down the pathway together instead of her following along behind. It was a pretty walk and nothing really seemed odd and out of place... except that they happened to be here instead of where they should have been.

Walking along in silence was strange though. It occurred to her that she didn't even know the guy's name.

"I'm Maron Kusakabe," She smiled as she spoke, "We didn't get the chance to introduce ourselves back there. What is your name?"
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Truthfully, he was content with staying silent, playing wordless and all that. That, and maybe once or twice glancing at the girl that was following him. He still tried to make that action of his unnoticeable though.

Still, when Maron suddenly introduced herself, he knew what to do. He was not one to disrespect anyone in particular. It was not exactly the quickest, but Ace did respond.

"Ace," unlike Maron, his reply was close to plain and idly. Ace didn't even let his eyes fell upon the girl's, for he was focusing more on where this walk would end him up. "The pleasure's all mine."

He would still be polite, though.
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[personal profile] kamikaze_kaito 2013-03-29 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
"It's nice to meet you too."

Of course the circumstances could have been better. Not being pulled here and nearly drowning along the way would have been nice, but there was no reason to dwell on those bad things right now. It was time to make the most out of a difficult situation, find out more about things and maybe work out how to get back home.

"I live in Momokuri. Is that where you are from?"

She doubted it but it was possible. It was a fairly large place and she was always meeting new people there.
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At the mention of... the unknown name, Ace was visibly taken aback and he paused his step, his eyes slowly darted over to Maron. If she saw him straight on his eyes, she could easily notice the confusion written all over them.

"Where is that?"

His question might be a little too direct, but he just couldn't help but ask. This place might be a little different compared to his, but there was still a smear of familiarity. And Ace knew almost every place of his own world, but never once he had heard of such a place in Orience.

Thus, he was starting to get the idea that either Maron was nut, or it was him instead of her, or they were both in a different place altogether.
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[personal profile] kamikaze_kaito 2013-03-30 06:53 pm (UTC)(link)
His confusion was mirrored with own.

"You have never heard of it?"

That wasn't entirely strange. It was a fairly large city and the only place she had ever really known but there were many other cities in the world. Maybe he was from some other country?

"It is a city in Japan. Do you live some where else? Like maybe Europe?"

Some how he didn't really seem all that Japanese to her.
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Now this had passed the confusion-tier. It was correct to say that Ace's mind almost exploded from trying to correlate all Maron's answer. Momokuri? Japan? Where in Orience-?

...Well, might as well try.

"...Does the name 'Peristylium Suzaku' ring a bell for you?"

Her next answer would define his conclusion, more or less. But right now, Ace was almost certain that they were both not from a same world, no matter how absurd it might sounded.
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Maron blinked and searched her memory trying to decide if she had ever heard of a strange sounding place like that, but it really was unlike anything she had ever heard before.

"No, I'm sorry. I have never heard of a place like that before."

So he really wasn't...? Ok! It was time for the real test!

"What about this! Have you ever heard of a place called 'Earth'?"

He had to be human, he looked human, so had to know about Earth! But... the place name he had said was so different sounding she was beginning to wonder just how far away he really lived!
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Her answer was more than enough to make Ace stopped every gesture that he was doing, just to change it into a thinking gesture. A small movement from his hand, and it was now by the tip of his chin, obvious confusion sprawled by his face.

And thanks to that, it took around one minute or so until he actually responded to Maron's latter question. Furthermore, Ace's answer was very straightforward.

"I haven't."

There was no need to lie at this moment, wasn't it? Assuming he could lie when he had a lot to ponder inside his brain.
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[personal profile] kamikaze_kaito 2013-04-03 08:10 am (UTC)(link)
"Ehhhhhh!? Really?!"

Never heard of Earth! He had to be joking right? If he wasn't from Earth then that had to mean...

"But you couldn't be..."

She looked closer while still keeping some distance between them. She was after all looking right at a possible...

"Does that mean you are an alien? What world do you come from?"
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Lucky for Maron, she was dealing with Ace as the first person from his world. He had his moment, granted, but he was generally the most patient person. It was even visible from how he vent the tiny frustration from Maron's way of delivering her message. Only the smallest of a groan.

"To me, you're the alien one."

Regardless, he continued his walk casually. This wet uniform of his was starting to get more and more uncomfortable.

"Rubrum, Orience."
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Angels and demons were normal enough to her but aliens, people from other worlds, were still something that most people from where Maron was from would find difficult to believe. Yet he agreed to it as easily as anything. She still had doubts but, Ace really did seem so sincere.

"I'm sorry. All of this is just so confusing."

At least as they walked the air helped dry them off a little bit and soon the roofs of houses could be seen in the distance.
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This was definitely an interesting topic to research on. But again, there was a place and time for everything. Right here and now was definitely out of option. While he still had a hard time believing on Maron's world, she didn't leave the impression of a liar to Ace. If any, the honesty in her words was showing.

"Point taken."

At the incoming panorama before him, Ace didn't really fasten his pace. He was only... leaving his face spiced with the big, relieved smile without any attempt to hide it. With a town noticeable to them, hopefully the bad thing would end and good thing would soon come.

"A village, huh?"

He rhetorically said to himself, close to mumbling. Pointing the obvious was not really necessary, but Ace couldn't suppress it inside to not to say that.
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[personal profile] kamikaze_kaito 2013-04-07 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
It was a relief to her too when the forest opened up and the town in front of them could be seen.

"Maybe some one there will know where we are."

That was the first step towards getting back home! If they could find out where they were then maybe getting back to where they should be would be made easier.
Of course all the talk about worlds made her question such a simple idea. If he were truly from another world then could this be another world too? Getting back home might be more difficult than hopping a train or a bus and riding back.

"Did you come here through the water too?"

He was wet, she had noticed that, but she just wanted confirmation. That pond had to be magical didn't it?
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In contrary to his demeanor, Ace didn't respond any further than a simple nod at Maron. Ace himself really wanted to let himself got mesmerized by the greens of the place, yet he didn't. There was something else that need to be done immediately: Finding a way out.

"I did."

Ace then quickly assumed that that was but one of the possibility. There might actually be another way of actually getting here. But again, priority. Let save that for latter occasion.

A sigh passed his lips as he walked while contemplating this. This might offend Maron, but for now, he was more than comfortable to...

"Maybe this is as far as we should walk together."

His tone was still absurdly stern despite what he just phrased. Ace had always worked behind the shadow by himself, and this strangest of an incident would not stop him from trying to do things his way. Well, except if you were considered a good friend for him. That wouldn't apply.

It didn't help that Maron looked like a mere civilian. As a soldier, he would never involve them.

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