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[OPEN LOG] Welcome to Cape Beryl!

Who: Everyone!
When: Spring 2nd - all day.
Where: All across Cape Beryl.
What: You've splashed down into the Harvest Goddess's sacred pond, pulled yourself out - or perhaps been pulled out by an out-of-breath and soaking stranger, shaken off the worst of the shock of the cold and the unexpected trip underwater, and likely by now noticed that the little silver piece of jewelry that put you through this seems to have found its way around your neck.

Now you ought to get your bearings. Leave Goddess Grotto whenever you're ready, take the path out along a beach and up the cliffs to a village - see where you are, maybe if you can get directions. No matter what, you're going to realize that you're somewhere new - but maybe some of the Bower Village townspeople will be willing to help you get sorted out. If nothing else, maybe you'll be drawn into talking to anyone else you might catch sight of wandering the village, disoriented, soaked to the skin, and with a silver heart-shaped pendant around their neck. Depending on how you see it, you're not all alone - not any more than everyone else, anyway.

Headers for open interactions in example locations will be posted - but by all means, start threads wherever and with whoever you like!

Rating: Expected K-PG - subject to change as appropriate.

It's a cool, early spring day - the air and the breeze may not agree with anyone with wet clothes. But apart from that, the atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful; distant chirps of birds can be heard from the mouth of Goddess Grotto to Mt. Throne. The trees and grasses are pale green and flowers are budding in the meadows - not to mention the garden at Florist Lilia and de Sainte-Coquille Park.

And the town at the top of the cliffs is somewhat drowsily at peace. It's far from deserted - stabled behind a house on the town's east side is a healthy-looking mule, and a pair of chickens and a goat hang around in a pen behind an inn, the town's brightly-dressed mailwoman is out and about, as is the town watchman, who will likely be ready to approach anyone with an unfamiliar face before they can approach him, if he happens to catch them on his rounds. However, although anyone may freely knock on any of the doors in Bower Village and expect a polite "come in", no one is prepared for company, and whoever is inside might jump at finding themselves talking to a clearly displaced stranger!

Zed [Open!]

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[So, armor is not terribly convenient for landing in lakes.

And a strange necklace is a pitiful trade to make for his sword.

It's a shivering demon that walks into town, obviously frowning, obviously suspicious, and occasionally tugging irritably at the chain on his neck. It never breaks.

The last time he was on his own in a human settlement, it was shortly before it was destroyed. Zed is fairly certain that Alzahad is dead...but, you never knew, with him. Some mysterious power brought him here - he certainly doesn't remember falling into a lake, and this obviously isn't anywhere in Filgaia he's ever been with Rudy and the others. It's far too nice.

So Zed sets to work exploring. He tries to be surreptitious about it - peering quickly into any open windows he comes across, watching any people he comes across from a hopefully safe distance, and occasionally leaping up onto the rooftops of any of the taller buildings just to try and get a better look at the area.

Nothing helps. Nothing makes this place look any more familiar to him. And he feels on edge and helpless without Doom Bringer - it's a good thing Alzahad is dead, because he'd kill Zed for losing it in a lake.]

I hope they are not stupid enough to think I am helpless without it.

[He catches himself wishing for a change of clothes.]
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[Luckily, Zed is not the sole victim of that situation. Heeeeeere's Ace, who is actually pretty frustrated with his fighting abilities and magic gone to the lowest of degree.

At one point when Zed's around one of the building's roof, he would meet the other youth who appears to be in the same situation: Soaked clothes and all. Ace himself doesn't seem to be able to hold his question when he notices that Zed's condition looks pretty similar to him. After all, someone who could climb up to a rooftop would at least provide even the smallest of information, right?]

Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you something?

[Of course Ace heard what Zed muttered and the tinge of curiosity is blooming inside of him, but first thing first... this.]

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-27 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
[...really, in the midst of everything, suddenly finding someone else on the roof should have been a minor matter.

It's actually one of the last things Zed was expecting. For a moment, he's genuinely thrown at the sight of Ace, drawing back a pace with a startled look on his face and only just missing stepping right back off the roof.

But he recovers himself, and first things first takes a look at Ace. He looks human, but that might not mean anything. And he has a silly necklace around his neck, too.


I suppose I am feeling generous today. [Especially if this person was really in the same state as him.] You may ask away!
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[Really, he wanted to either gasp or chuckle at the moment the green haired due almost lost himself, but when Zed did recovers from it, he's against it, totally.

Ah, the loud and overconfident type - Something that made him miss his friends already. Sure, that type of guy is not exactly his favorite, but it is not like he couldn't deal with them. In fact, he already had thousand of ways to deal with those type of people.

This being the most noticeable one. Making his approach politely.]

Where are we?

[Short, straightforward, and rather vague question. That's our Ace.]

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-27 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
[Zed briefly debated with himself over whether or not to play it smart.

Then he realized that any chance of dignity went away when he fell in a lake and lost his sword. It wasn't his fault. He was still a cool guy. The world had just taken a marked turn against him.]

I have no idea. Obviously, we are not where we want to be, and maybe that is all that matters.

Perhaps you just went for a swim in the ocean...or perhaps you suddenly fell in a lake! This was my ignoble fate. I thought to see if I could stealthily identify the one responsible for spiriting us away.

[Hence, why he's on the roof. Plus, it's just kind of soothing to be up on the roof. All the people look tiny, and you're in just the right position to dramatically intervene on a situation.]
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[The cruelness of fate here is strong.

Because what Zed just realized basically applied to Ace as well, who was once a great leader and now is just a weaksauce. Still doesn't stop him from trying to be useful, of course.

Okay, after Zed said that, it was when Ace realized that Zed is just like him. Outsider, greenhorn, newmeat, or anything sort. Ace also take notice of Zed necklace at that point. Thus, mustering a small nod, he agrees with Zed, albeit there's the slight hesitance in his tone.]

I was in a war just yesterday. [Okay, not really a war. But a life-threatening mission. Close enough.] Funny, that was what I've thought as well.

[Half-lie, half-truth. Not that Ace finds it any good to share his own strategy to a yet known dude. Anyhow, the soaked teen is now crouching down himself, either for spying the civilian along with Zed, or just merely resting his legs, or both.]

Gained a suspect so far?

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-27 01:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Indeed, I have! [He takes a seat along with Ace, crouching at the edge of the rooftop to try and look over without being too easily seen in turn. After a few seconds, he spies the town watchman coming around the corner.] There, yes! And there! [He points out the postwoman.]

He is obviously on the lookout for something, or perhaps someone. But what else would he be looking for so early and on such a quiet day besides us? Obviously, he is seeking to round us up - an easy task, since we have all been marked with these ridiculous amulets! [He gives the necklace another irritable tug. Like the last thirty times, it doesn't break.]

And while she seems to be occupied delivering things, any of those deliveries might be secret correspondence, related to their plan for us!
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[...It's not like he distrust this man beside him, but when Zed's finger pointed at the postwoman in red, that was when Ace's doubt goes into its peak. Sure, he has long acknowledged that every roses has its thorns, but he was trained to judge his opponent, and as far as he have witnessed, Annette possess no threat. Ace won't comment on the watchman, though, only narrowing his eyes a little at him.

Cue him quirking an eyebrow at Zed after a moment.]
Somehow, I doubt that postwoman is any dthreat. [Still, secretly, Ace take Zed's statement to his account. Nothing bad will ever come from being overly cautious.]

This, huh? [Indeed, Zed brought out a great point. This heart necklace thing is starting to tick him off. If only it's possible to remove, he would not be as annoyed as his current emotion.] I do agree that this pendant is highly suspicious. [Ace, the captain obvious, strikes again.]

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-27 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
[Even Zed isn't quite sure about Anette. But, she and the watchman are the only two people he's really seen out and about today, and that strikes him as strange for a settlement. There are other people here, he's caught sight of them around the houses but no further.

Why is it so quiet around here?]

This! [The heart pendant is frustrating Zed for a good many reasons right now.]

Someone was around long enough to force us to wear these useless and tacky things, and to steal my sword!Of course, it seems silly to have then left us by that lake - we might have escaped, rather than coming here.

Perhaps they are meant to make us helpless, so whoever was responsible for capturing us felt safe in leaving us be.
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[Ace follows suit no soon, eyeing any other people that could be labelled as other suspects. Still, with the amount of people he can sight from that position, it's more than hard to tell exactly who and what.]

This thing seals our magic, that's for sure. [Or not really, but it's not like he has any idea about it. For now, that's one of the most possible assumption he can musters.] No, perhaps almost everything further than that.

[Yeah, his cards are practically useless right here. He won't comment much about how Zed lose his sword, except for the small pity from his unsaid words.]

Maybe... different approach is necessary.

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-28 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
...I suppose my normal approach is beyond even my reach, in this unfortunate situation.

I will take suggestions.

[Ace, if nothing else, seemed to be almost disturbingly calm and levelheaded about the whole thing. Zed was torn between being impressed and being disturbed.

Of course, Zed's words also make yet another, rather disturbing possibility occur to him. He'd mostly been worried about losing Doom Bringer - without his sword, most of his usual tricks were impossible.

But he wasn't entirely out of options, unless Ace was right. Monster Zed was something of a grey area between magic and science, though - Zed resolved to try it only when there wasn't a chance of sending them both plummeting if it worked.]
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[If Zed's thinking that Ace's actually coping all of this pretty well, he's damn wrong. Inside, there's nothing but distress around Ace's emotion. It's just that he implies his mask over his true emotion absurdly amazing.]

Direct approach. We ask them.

[Honestly, that's the only thing he could think of. Those people didn't even seems to be harmful in the littlest.]

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-28 10:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[He truly does think Ace is coping, if only because Ace is calm. Zed isn't good at reading people, partly because he's not good at expressing himself. it doesn't surprise him that this is Ace's proposition. He'd entertained the idea, himself, but only in passing. They looked harmless enough, but looks could be deceiving, and he was helpless.

Besides, he was used to having someone to put between him and others when it came time for conversation. At the least, he seemed to have acquired that.]

...i-if you have questions for them, I suppose that is only your right.

You can count on me to back you up.
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[The small stuttering of Zed made Ace quirks one of his eyebrow slightly. Okay, he misheard that or something? It was as if this green haired dude was pretty doubtful of the direct-approach idea, maybe for a personal reason, even.

Not that it was not understandable, though. Ace was never the best conversationalist, he was always the introverted man. Still, he knew something just had to be done. This occasion being one of it.]

Fair enough.

[A small moment before Ace realized one of the most important thing in action like this: Introduction. He should really know this person's name, just in case something unnecessary happens, right?]


[...Though he didn't really perform any attempt for a handshake or some sort of gesture. He would save the heartwarming and casual introduction for later. But that was decent enough, right?]

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-29 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)

[Just "Zed". No flourishes or additions. Even he was surprised at himself for giving such a straight answer. But, at a time like this, it seemed appropriate.

At least he'd be able to shout to Ace to take cover, if things really did get worse. Ace seemed...nice enough, for a human. If he'd noticed that Zed was a demon, he was doing an admirable job of not showing it. And they were in this together.

So he'd follow Ace off the roof and on his quest to talk to the townspeople. Zed wouldn't say much to anyone else. But, for once, he'd do some listening and watching.]
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[Ace gave a small nod of acknowledgement to Zed's unique way of introducing himself. Ace himself couldn't really brag about how much of a speaker he was, so he kept any retorts for now. Especially since it sounded rather offensive. Sure, this Zed guy was a total stranger to him, but just like Zed, Ace still had tons of secret to himself, so it was all cool and games.

Thus, swiftly, the blond swept himself out of the roof, gracefully landing on the hard concrete of the street. Of course, though, he had chose the right spot to land; where there was almost nobody watching him, or them, doing so.

Now, to approach the villager. First up was the one who seemed to be the least harmful: Anette the postwoman.]

Excuse me, may I ask something?

[Anette, who was seemingly not too busy anymore, made a quick stop to respond to Ace. Soon, Ace let out tons of other questions, which Anette answered rather vaguely, unfortunately. But at the very least, she had tell him the name of this town and all that.

At this moment, he was still conversing with the red-clad female. Zed was free to either eavesdrop, or find his own villager to chat. Because Ace could definitely more helping hand, considering how introverted he actually was albeit his expertness in using formal languages.]

[personal profile] notsocool 2013-03-30 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
[Zed would keep to eavesdropping for a while. "Anette" - he stores the name away for later, even if it's likely he won't remember it. And he listens, even if Zed wasn't normally much of a listener.

Such would be the arrangement for a few more attempts at gathering information. After that, though, Zed proposed that they split up - so far, it seemed that no one knew anything about how they'd gotten here. Even he could manage to keep confirming that no one knew anything. And maybe, covering more ground, they'd find whoever was really responsible that much faster.

If not, they'd see one another around. At the least, their exploring together was enough to confirm Zed's impression that Cape Beryl was not a big town.] I am sure you will see me again.

[With that, he'd split off to go his own way - to talk to people, to poke around, and maybe get down to the business of finding the way back to St. Centaur.]
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[Splitting up was way more than agreeable for Ace. After all, while he might have starting to trust this Zed guy, there was still the smallest drop of doubt in his heart. Or maybe that was just due to how solitary he could be at times. Who knows.

In response to Zed's word, Ace didn't say anything. What he did was nothing but a small nodding at the green haired guy, as well as a small waving of his hand, a little dismissive, even. For now, he had his priorities straight, totally.

And there goes Zed to his own path, just like Ace went on his own path. Until fate might call both of them together again.]