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[OPEN LOG] Welcome to Cape Beryl!

Who: Everyone!
When: Spring 2nd - all day.
Where: All across Cape Beryl.
What: You've splashed down into the Harvest Goddess's sacred pond, pulled yourself out - or perhaps been pulled out by an out-of-breath and soaking stranger, shaken off the worst of the shock of the cold and the unexpected trip underwater, and likely by now noticed that the little silver piece of jewelry that put you through this seems to have found its way around your neck.

Now you ought to get your bearings. Leave Goddess Grotto whenever you're ready, take the path out along a beach and up the cliffs to a village - see where you are, maybe if you can get directions. No matter what, you're going to realize that you're somewhere new - but maybe some of the Bower Village townspeople will be willing to help you get sorted out. If nothing else, maybe you'll be drawn into talking to anyone else you might catch sight of wandering the village, disoriented, soaked to the skin, and with a silver heart-shaped pendant around their neck. Depending on how you see it, you're not all alone - not any more than everyone else, anyway.

Headers for open interactions in example locations will be posted - but by all means, start threads wherever and with whoever you like!

Rating: Expected K-PG - subject to change as appropriate.

It's a cool, early spring day - the air and the breeze may not agree with anyone with wet clothes. But apart from that, the atmosphere is pleasant and peaceful; distant chirps of birds can be heard from the mouth of Goddess Grotto to Mt. Throne. The trees and grasses are pale green and flowers are budding in the meadows - not to mention the garden at Florist Lilia and de Sainte-Coquille Park.

And the town at the top of the cliffs is somewhat drowsily at peace. It's far from deserted - stabled behind a house on the town's east side is a healthy-looking mule, and a pair of chickens and a goat hang around in a pen behind an inn, the town's brightly-dressed mailwoman is out and about, as is the town watchman, who will likely be ready to approach anyone with an unfamiliar face before they can approach him, if he happens to catch them on his rounds. However, although anyone may freely knock on any of the doors in Bower Village and expect a polite "come in", no one is prepared for company, and whoever is inside might jump at finding themselves talking to a clearly displaced stranger!
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Ace had resorted to play things a little secretively compared to her. There was one occasion where he spied things from the rooftop, and there was even one occasion where he eavesdropped the villagers' conversation. Not that they actually gave him what he wanted. Sad, but that was just how things actually be.

So now, he tried another form of approach: The direct one. Still, he was still a bit paranoid of things around here, no thanks to the stripping of his abilities. Hence why Ace only approached those he considered harmless, and it was only a handful of people. Once again, though, it was still fruitless. No one of them gave him the answer of his question.

He was in the brink of frustration when he... noticed the familiar back at afar, conversing with one of the villager. Albeit the figure looked a bit wrecked than how he had always witnessed, she was still the one that Ace had always remembered. That regal chocolate hair, that uniform that resembled his, and... that red mantle that was tied around her neck as a scarf.

There was no mistaking it. It was her.

He didn't even tried to call her. Instead, he made his beeline to her as soon as possible. Hell, Ace couldn't even hold the relief when he saw Deuce. A quick tap on her shoulder was everything that he performed when he was just behind her.
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Another brief conversation with the villager left Deuce with an unanswered question. Bad as it was, Deuce's optimism was starting to fade out, after all her fruitless attempts. A downcast, rueful sigh was out of the girl's lips before she bowed at Lilia, who she had just talked to, as Deuce let the other female to go back to where she was. In the end, she had no lead. Not even the slightest.

Until Ace touched her.

Out of surprise, Deuce immediately whirled her bubbly head back to stare at... him. He. Ace. Right on his beautiful blue eyes. This, of course prompted her eyes to go bigger in surprise.


She froze on her spot, unable to let out more words. He was here. Ace was here, right in front of her, more or less drenched in the same level as her. At that moment, everything was left unsaid, but Deuce felt the biggest wave of relief swept her insides. He was here, just when she thought she was lost by herself.


She was not one to show her fragile side, not to anyone who was unfamiliar with her. But with him... She knew almost everything about him and vice versa. Without even waiting for the other teen's response, or even his consent, Deuce had already flung herself to Ace, burying herself in his gentle arms.

Her heart pendant was flashing the subtle color of yellow, but she was probably too busy venting her emotion in his arms to notice that.
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Words couldn't elaborate how relieved Ace was when it was indeed Deuce. His knees were actually weakening a bit when it was actually her. He, however, would not let that last for long. He needed to stand strong, especially in front of her. This place was unknown to both of them, and his position as the leader of their class still stand strong. Keeping his dignity as the leader up was something that he would never forget, even at the darkest of moment.

His smile was radiant, and it only got shinier when Deuce slipped her angelic voice out of her tiny lips. There was no doubt anymore that this was Deuce, his classmate that had known him for the longest of time.

The sudden movement of his female companion, though, put a quick hold to Ace's smile. When he suddenly felt her body suddenly brushed against his, Ace couldn't help but widened his eyes, if not along with soft blushes that started to creep over to his cheek.

It was his turn to froze, alright.

He couldn't describe exactly what he was feeling right now. They were still wet, but somehow... he felt warm with just a single hug from her. The initial idea to call her name was erased from Ace's mind, and instead, he slowly circled his arms around her, hoping that she would feel the same warmth like he was having right now. If she was feeling alright with this, Ace was no different. He was more than content.

All that without even realizing that his own pendant was emitting the fuzzy yellow light as they shared what others would address as their first hug.
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Every coldness that had been around her figure was slowly dissolving out as they embraced each other. Although her body was warming as well, the one that was warming the most was her heart. She felt relief was washing her inside out, there was her friend aside of her all along. It was him, nonetheless. Her leader. Her most trusted male companion.

But every good things must come to an end, this one was no different. After she had shared a good time in his embrace for a brief moment, she just realized something: She was hugging him in the public, rather passionately, even.

Her once-leaning head on Ace's chest was quickly pulled back as a girly yelp was out of her mouth. It went without saying that she would try to free herself out of the hug, which had actually been her own doing, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"S-sorry," she muttered quickly, evading staring at his eyes shyly altogether. God, what did she just do!? Deuce could only hope that this wouldn't make her conversation with him awkward.
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The moment just now was exactly like that old saying; short and sweet. And a dose of warm over there and that was exactly it. The only bad thing to that was that was rather short. Well, beggars can't be choosers, he guessed?

How Deuce was blushing... It was always a treat to his eyes. She was being adorable, perfectly adorable. Ace did realize what he had just done, and it brought blush to his face as well. But his wasn't even equal to her extreme one. It only took a small, nervous scratching of his finger against his cheek to compose himself into a calmheaded state of his.

"It's okay, I understand."

He understood her. That was more than enough confession for today. Adding an extra smile with a spice of chuckle here didn't sound like a bad move as well.
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Deuce's blush was horrible. It was as if her face was about to explode. It was not until Ace muttered his reassuring statement that her blush was fading out. Instead, her face was now colored with her usual girly giggles.

He was okay. Thank god. That was the only thing that she needed so much right now. For him to be perfectly well against all of their current predicaments. The brunette held her hands together behind back and twisted her toe against the ground, maybe even smiling a little shyly.

"It's... good to see you, Ace."
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calm your tits wimmen

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Ace's smile soon made its place on his lips. He already long acknowledged this, but she was amazingly fast on adapting to the place, even faster than he was and it still surprised him a little. Then again, that was still something that he had expected from her at the same time.


A small nod of his head was all he attempted to show his compassion over Deuce. He didn't need to act all vocal if it was her. She would probably could tell already. However, as much as Ace loved to continue on with this heartful conversation, priorities must be set straight first.

"Deuce," he brushed the shoulder part of his wet uniform a bit, because it was getting rather damp for him before he continued. "Your flute's working?"

This was the most important question now. His cards were rendered almost useless here. At least if hers wasn't, everything would be a little safer.
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:< das sexist

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It didn't really come out as a surprise for her that Ace suddenly changed the topic into a more serious note. What he asked just now had been flashing in her mind for a while as well. Her face made a small turn now, and unfortunately, not a positive one. Thinking that it was necessary to brought it up, she actually held her flute open just as she replied.

"It... doesn't work. I don't know why."

At that, a small realization came into her. Don't tell her that the reason he asked her about this was-

"Your card's not working, too?"

It didn't have the best of ring, really. But she voiced her assumption, nonetheless.
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news at 11, Ace is a sexist

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Her guess did hit the spot so hard. Ace had little to none backups to her statement. His cards didn't work as effectively as it should, and he didn't really know why. Yet.


His stern and all-business face was now there again as he spoke. Granted that this place seemed to be safe at the first glance, but you know what they said about first impressions; they were rarely correct. The fact that both of them could barely use their weapons were more than enough to make Ace a little insecure than ever.

He was about to step the conversation up when he noticed the pendant by her neck. Okay, it was similar like he had seen on others, but what's with the dull yellow light? A quick scope over his own pendant made him a bit surprised, since his was giving the same intensity of yellow light as well.

"Maybe this thing," the number one pointed his necklace up, in case Deuce hadn't got the sight of it. "Seals our strength."

...Really, if this situation was not as worse at it was, he would have already complimented Deuce about the pendant. The thing complemented her beautiful aspect so much.
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that explains Ace's and his chocobosexuality

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Now that Ace pointed it up, her pendant was giving the fuzzy yellow light as well. No, both of their pendants gave the yellow lights, fuzzy at best. If she recalled correctly, the pendant of the other newcomers were not shining at all, or maybe was giving the pitch black light.

"Maybe, yeah," Deuce dully noted that. Maybe this pendant was indeed some sort of Crystal Jammer. Since her C.O.M.M. was malfunctioning as well.

She, however, still actually wouldn't release this thing even if it was actually removable. She... kinda liked the pendant, to be honest. It was rather cute. Ace was kinda weird with that pendant, but it was still lovely, nonetheless. Not that this was any right time to bring that up.

Their bases of strengths were practically stolen, and without her supportive capability, Deuce was basically nothing. Ace's cards, despite how they wouldn't work effectively, could still tore a wound with the right and expert usage, albeit only the slightest. Her flute? Nothing at all.

Now that they were talking about it...

"Have you seen the others, Ace?"

Unlike both of them, some of their classmates used probable weapons. They would be coping rather easily to this situation compared to them thanks to that. Special mention to Eight, who could fight with his bare knuckles.
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Ace is also chocobosexual WHAT ELSE IS NEW

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"There's nothing we can do about this."

At this moment, at least. Instead of fussing over it and looking back, this was definitely the best choice. They needed to just go and find more information. Honorary mention to finding a change of clothes first, because the uncomfortable-ness from the thing was slowly creeping back to his skin.

"No, I've yet to see everyone else except you, Deuce."

Maybe if they were lucky enough, they would find their friends around. Although Ace somehow had the instinct that there wouldn't be anyone else here beside Deuce and himself. Not that he prayed for that worst possibility to come.

"First thing first, let us find a more decent place to talk."

More like to share information. And just because the spring breeze actually brought shivers to his skin again wasn't annoying enough.
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There was the notable hint of sadness in her eyes when Ace muttered the fact. It hadn't even been a day, but she had already missed the rest. And if she hadn't found Ace here, she would guarantee that she would miss them more terribly.

"Yes," she nodded a small nod. "We should."

Though, she didn't really know where to find that 'decent place' around this place. Guess more searching was really necessary here, eh? Still wouldn't stop her from starting her first step on the street again, though. Hopefully destiny wouldn't be so cruel to let them suffer from cold badly first before they reached the right place.
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and you are head over heels for this guy. HAH.

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Yet another nod from the blonde, and it was more than enough for him to start his own pace to wherever they might find this comfortable place, if there was actually any. Lucky for the two teenagers, though, the small and brisk walk soon brought the two of them to the town square, where they took notice of the most important notice. And it wasn't long before he quickly head to the Aerie Inn, and stepping inside to the building as well, definitely with his partner following behind no far.

When they were inside, though, they were more than surprised of the kindness that the innkeeper showered them. He was more than content to give both of them spare clothes and even a room for stay. Ace personally didn't have any issues with the arrangement, though, since he was to share the room with her. After all, this kind of arrangement would be more effective for him to solve all this mysteries.

He had changed into a pair of sleeveless tunic and pants quickly for the first aid to his body temperature, and it soon did him good as Ace felt warmth coming back into his body gradually. Deuce, on the other hand, seemed to need some privacy to change. Understanding her sound reason, Ace had left the room they were sharing quickly after he gave her the message to come down fast and discuss this things.

Thus, that was why he was now sitting on one of the chair on the first floor, waiting for her to come down while casually checking the environment of the inn. This place wasn't so bad for an inn, to be quite honest.
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s-she's not!! /shys away

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Maybe it was always Ace's natural talent to be able to find the light of hope, wasn't it? His decision would always come fast, but it was never the wrong one. One of the main reason why she could always follow him around. And she really admired him for that.

At the chance she was given, the brunette quickly changed into a pair of simple white shirt and blue skirt, which unsurprisingly fitted her figure so much. The small ponytail that was supposed to decorate her hair wasn't there anymore as Deuce let her hair loose, falling over just around her shoulder.

Gussying up in front of a mirror was definitely out of choice right now as well, and she was never the type to do so as well. Hence why she quickly head down the stairs to meet her partner.

"Ah, I'm sorry for making you wait."

As much as she wanted to look at the somewhat-mesmerizing surrounding around her, sitting down just across of him was her first move. And she quickly did so after maidenly brushing her skirt off, maybe just in case the skirt was a little dirty. She didn't really want to stain the inn's chair, did she?

And to be honest, Ace was still as appealing in that rural outfit. Not that she would confess that out loud.
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his swag is enormous, it's understanable

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She had always wore Suzaku's uniform almost twenty hours by seven, that much was obvious. Yet it was still more than easy to tell the number two's cuteness even only from her face. Her angelic aspect had always accompanied her everywhere. Even when she was in that simple outfit that made her pretty similar to the villagers out there, her beatific facade could still be easily distinguished.

So instead of replying back with any plausible words, Ace's face seemed to be struck frozen as his eyes darted over to his female companion. He was clearly more than captivated at Deuce's current appearance.


Much to Ace's dismay, he lost his composure. Maybe he should have trained to lock his mouth better.
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...Deuce does not approve of Ace's harem route

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This... was definitely not she had expected. Deuce didn't really expect him to react to her new outfit. Or if any, she had expected Ace to just chuckle at her choice of clothing. It was not a compliment that was coming from Ace's mouth, but it brought thousands layers of blushes to her cheek already.

"Um... Ace?"

It took her a slight brushing on her bang with a hand while her other arm snaked around the back part of her lower body, nervously grabbing it before she advanced back with a question. Sure, if Ace had lost his composure, she was losing hers as well. In her own way.

"I look weird in this, don't I?"

That was the only other thing she could voice while overlaying her rushing heartbeats.
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u jelly, dyuusu?

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Ace had never took any interest in mesmerizing over a people, let alone a girl. He was asexual at best. But with her just now, he subconsciously needed to take that back. For the first time in his life, he was fascinated at the girl in front of him. His partner. She was... She was...

She was so beautiful.

Regardless, Deuce's next words brought him out of his trance. With the deep blushes all over his face, Ace purposely let out a cough, hoping that his previous expression didn't go all noticed by her.

"N-no, actually," again, that seemed rather weird for him to stutter at this moment, but he still could hardly contain his levelheadedness. "You look magnificent."

Suddenly, complimenting was more important than discussing their current situation right now. Maybe that wasn't quite a compliment, though, for that was a fact to Ace's eyes.
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.................yes she is ;u;

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Deuce had known this person before him for the longest time. She had known already that Ace was always the gentle and well-mannered person and he had always complimented everyone should it was necessary for him.

The number two was still the shiest girl though, and her blushes were extravagant as she listened to Ace's statement about herself.

"T-Thank you."

Deuce let her hand roam around her hair a moment, twirling it nervously before she was able to swallow the awkward lump in her throat. Now that Ace had brought the topic up, it wasn't wrong for her to raise another one, right?

"Ace looks amazing, too," a nervous, shy giggles erupted from her tiny lips. "Even in that outfit."

Basically, she was saying that he was pretty good looking. Although that may sounded a bit... different in her partner's ears.
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...don't worry, he's dedicated. To you.

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Suddenly, fussing over their appearance was more important, huh? Ace couldn't let this go on. Especially what would he say if Deuce kept being so cute like that.

"A-Anyway," a cough once again as he tried to re-compose his pokerface. "What have you gathered so far, Deuce?"

Hopefully this would work, because if it wouldn't, he was screwed.
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d-doki doki

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before 'her'! I can grammar, really!

And it worked. She was more than glad to drop the subject as well, really. So when Ace had pulled the right card, Deuce nodded in agreement, still rather awkward and shy.

"Oh, quite a bit hopefully," she answered, rather confident of herself. "This place is called Cape Beryl, and the cave I fell into is called Goddess Grotto. The villagers don't seem to have any idea of what happened to us, though. Although I've been hearing something about Harvest Goddess."

At every sentences, Deuce paused a bit before she continued. Yes, addressing 'I fell' instead of 'we fell' felt like the right choice of words. After all, who ever could tell whether Ace splashed onto the water on the cave? Not her, of course.

Her last two sentences were still questionable though. She was yet to get into the details of that.
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After she mentioned that, Ace could easily assume that Deuce had, indeed, fell into the same situation as him, more or less. Coolly adjusting his hand to his thoughtful pose, Ace let his mind wander for a moment before he replied back.

"Indeed,they didn't seem to get any idea about what I've asked them as well," he emphasized on her third statement. He didn't really want to jump into conclusion, but with the setting that was totally different from Orience, as well as the blindness of the villagers about it, it was as if...

"This may sounds rather silly," especially when it came from him. "But would you believe me if I were to say that we're in an alternate world altogether?"

Because other country didn't seem to cut it. Too much uncanny differences.
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To be honest though, Ace and saying weird things didn't go in set. But for once, Deuce seemed to agree with him. Things like being in alternate world... was actually believable.

"Actually, yes," a small nod from Deuce, before she shifted her position a little, resting her arms on the wooden table. "Nobody seemed to even know anything about Crystal."

The predicament they were in was quite absurd, but somehow, she still had the feeling that this would lead them to a better future.